The DLL file found in a local drive of your personal computer might have been created by a single or multiple Windows program. That can be helpful for troubleshooting compatibility issues or other issues with DLL files. DLL to EXE is an Open Source, portable, Command Prompt utility that can convert any DLL to an EXE (executable). If you execute DLL to EXE without first being in the Command Prompt or Powershell, you will be shown the arguments required. Finally, follow the onscreen guide to finish the restoration.

  • Working with a Windows registry is strictly at your own risk.
  • For example, you can use GPE to disable and prevent File Explorer from msvcp71.dll missing error saving any File Explorer search history.
  • When you’re done, verify ‘Back Up Changes’ is ticked, then click ‘Repair’ to remove only those entries you’ve selected.
  • Disabling the lock screen is entirely possible as long as you’re running the Creators Update or anything newer, including the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

The suggestions are rarely useful, so you may also want to clear them to reduce UI clutter. Sometimes if you want to delete a specific history entry from File Explorer, then you can do it through Registry Editor, which also allows you to delete all history items at the same time. Having File Explorer search suggestions can be both helpful or annoying, depending on how you see it. Either way, clearing or disabling the search history is a rather simple and easy thing to do. If you wish to revert these settings, follow the same steps and delete the ‘DisableSearchBoxSuggestions’ key. Similarly, you can also delete the entire search history by right-clicking the WorldWheelQuery entry and choosing the delete option. Alternatively, you can also use the down arrow key to highlight a specific search term, and press the Delete key to remove it from the File Explorer.


Alternatively, untick those you don’t want to be changed and then click the button. If you’re in any doubt about a specific registry entry, then you can always google it and you’ll find discussions around it which will give you a good idea on whether it’s a problem or not. The good news is that there are apps which can declutter and clean up the Registry, removing leftover stuff that hasn’t been removed when apps were uninstalled, and fixing things. Users don’t opt to clean registry in Windows 10 unless there is a need.

Then, a professional registry cleaner may be helpful to scan the registry entry and fix the issue. DLLs provide a mechanism for shared code and data, allowing a developer of shared code/data to upgrade functionality without requiring applications to be re-linked or re-compiled.

what is dll files windows 7

DLL errors are common because of the volume of DLL files found on Microsoft Windows systems and how often they are used. Errors happen when an application can’t find a file and cannot run without it. Usually, you will need to know the brand and model of the graphics card to download the correct driver.

How to Delete Broken Registry Items on Windows

This hive stores information about the computer’s hardware and system configuration. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ is found on 64-bit versions of Windows, but is used by 32-bit applications. It’s equivalent to HKLM\SOFTWARE\ but isn’t the exact same since it’s separated for the sole purpose of providing information to 32-bit applications on a 64-bit OS. WoW64 shows this key to 32-bit applications as «HKLM\SOFTWARE\.» The keys located under this hive on your computer may differ somewhat depending on your version of Windows and your specific computer configuration.